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5 weeks to financial fitness

Expert tips and guidance


3 steps to get super active

Inequalities in salaries combined with the financial impact of maternity leave bear a huge impact on our retirement savings. But you can make a change to your super by following these three simple steps.

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negotiating salary

5 tips for negotiating your salary

Negotiating your salary can be awkward, but not if you're reasonable and prepared for the discussion.

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super foundation

A super foundation

When you get a job or switch employers, there are 5 things you should do to set a good foundation for your super account.

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expert advice

The right financial advice

Financial advice is not something most of us buy very often – so we may not know what it should cost, what’s motivating the advice or who to approach for the 'best' advice for us.

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how to save

How to save for...

Most things we do in life require financial resources, whether we like it or not. Few tips to help you work toward some of the most common goals.

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income debt and investing

Income, debt & investing

It's not all rocket science. Grab a few tips to get you started.

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investing in property

Investing in property

Property is basically an investment in a building that produces an income stream. When you invest in property you are looking for capital growth and income.

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Join bannk account

Joint bank account

There are lots of advantages in managing your money together but there are also significant pitfalls.

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Kickstart your savings

Kickstart your savings

Four ways that you could potentially save up to $4,000 per year.

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Manage your spending

Manage your spending this week

Psychologist Dr Joann Lukins provides the following four tips on how to manage your spending.

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Live stages

Money management and life stages

Change is a constant in most of our lives and money matters are no different.

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Time to plan

Spending plan

We need to put our financial situation at the top of our priority list! Until you have your cashflow under control, there is precious little point in trying to achieve any other financial goals.

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Super basics

Not really clear on super, how it works or why it's important? Here are some of the basics.

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